Mental Health Self Diagnostic Survey
This Self Diagnostic Survey tool is designed to diagnose current maturity level of organization’s wellness ecosystem and culture across Strategy, Programs and Processes, Benefits, Technology and Governance and provide guidance towards improvement of their Wellness Journey.

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Categories Q.Nos Questions Survey Responses
Strategy & Vision 1 As an organization, we encourage employees to maintain healthy work-life balance.
2 As an organization, we deliver mental health services as part of the employee wellness program.
3 As an organization, we are providing mental health services and programmes, since
4 Our Organizations Mental health programs are administered through

A.   Hybrid Model (Both B & C)

B.   External partners

C.   Dedicated Staff within the Organization

D.   None of the Above

Leadership sponsorship / involvement 6 Leaders in our organization support employees' mental health in various ways (e.g., they speak openly about mental health, they share mental health resources, they listen to employees' mental health issues).
7 As an organization, we provide a budget for mental health programs, education, and resources.
8 Our organization pays to offer access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?
9 Our organization offers support to learn health promotion techniques to promote mental health-related interventions like EAP.
Workplace culture 10 As an organization, we promote justice and equity in mental health awareness, education and access to all resources (i.e., all employees and contractors can access mental health resources).
11 As an organization, we support an environment where employees feel comfortable speaking about their own mental health without judgment.
12 As an organization, we make a real and continuous effort to educate and encourage employees to use all available resources to manage their mental health.
13 As a general rule, employees are encouraged to talk to managers or supervisors if they feel stressed or overwhelmed by their workload.
14 Overall, employees can access mental health services, including treatment, without negatively impacting their career progression.
15 The existing wellness programs in your organization are well knitted, keeping diversity, equity and inclusion as a key binding factor?
16 Our organization conducts surveys at least once a year to ask questions to assess the mental health and general wellbeing of employees?
Benefits and policies 17 Our organization has formal (written) policies that establish boundaries, guidelines and best practices within an organization that reflect care and concerns of all employees.
18 Does the medical plan of our organization include any physical or mental health benefits?
19 Our organization provides support to employees' family members to give them access to mental health services such as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?
20 As an organization, we offer incentives or programs to promote awareness of mental health services such as EAP to support employees.
21 As an organization, we provide trainings to managers and supervisors on any of the following topics.

  Understanding and supporting mental health concerns among employees/staff

  Mental health crisis management

  Stress management (i.e. understanding workplace stressors and signs of burnout)

  Understanding mental health benefits, policies, and guidelines

  We do not currently offer any training/education to managers/supervisors on mental health

22 How frequently does your organization provide training or educational programs related to mental health?
23 Employees of Our organization have access to the following mental health resources through their medical plan, EAP, and/or community providers? Check all that apply

  Free screening tools for depression, anxiety, substance use/abuse, PTSD, or other mental health concerns

  Initial assessments of a mental health issue/concern

  Short term counseling or therapy

  Referrals to appropriate mental health services/treatment

  Programme for caregivers

  Return-to-work* assistance


Technology 24 Our organization has used /using vendor services like a virtual hub for mental health services, applications focused on mental wellness.
25 Technologies like phone, video and chat are used to provide mental health services to employees.
26 Our organization has a benefits portal or application that is used in a centralized manner to promote existing and new benefits.
27 Webex/Zoom/Teams or other meeting platforms are used to deliver educational classes and conferences that can host large employee gatherings.
Communication 28 As an organization, we make a real and continuous effort to educate and encourage employees to use all available resources to manage their mental health.
29 Our organization has a real and ongoing effort to organize workshops or booths to promote mental health services.
30 Our organization has evolved to remain connected to our employees through app notifications, SMS blasters, group emails and podcasts.
Governance & KPIs 31 As an organization, we track annual mental health surveys to support employee access to mental health services and resources.
32 Our organisation expanding its wellness programs to its external communities such as vendors, suppliers, etc.
33 Our organization has a dedicated team that owns the success of the holistic wellbeing programs.
34 As an organization, we have an employee welfare strategy that has clear short- and long-term goals and targets.
35 Our organization has found a way to calculate the return on investment in the well-being expenses of our people.
Feedback Section 36 Please share your company's best practices related to the management of mental health services.
37 Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?