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Day 1: (Monday, 12th October)
 Inaugural Session: Reimagining the World
 North America Session: Reimagining Innovation

Day 2: (Tuesday, 13th October )
 East Asia Session : Reimagining Global Value Chains
 Oceania Session : Reimagining Synergies in Sustainable Resources
 Europe Session:Reimagining Technological Innovation
 Africa Session: Reimagining a Resilient Africa

Day 3: (Wednesday, 14th October )
 Gulf & West Asia Session: Reimagining Business Beyond Oil
  South Asia Session: Reimagining Neighborhood economic integration
  Latin America & Caribbean Session: Reimagining Distances

Day 4: (Thursday, 15th October )
  ASEAN Session: Reimagining Technology and Digitization
 CIS Session :Reimagining ‘ An Extended Neighborhood’
  Multilateral Session :Reimagining a Glocal Ecosystem
  Valedictory Session: Reimagining Economic Diplomacy

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