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20th September, 2022 | Time: 1700 – 1900 hrs IST

Registration Fees:
Indian Delegate: INR 75,000 + Taxes
Foreign Delegate: US $ 1,000 + Taxes
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3rd Edition: Leadership for Future

The world has quite successfully survived, then revived and now thrived by finding opportunities in the recent disruptions. With it came a sense of urgency to ideate, improvise and innovate, to nurture new economic models and partnerships to ‘reimagine the world’. This transformation was driven by technology led innovations transcending space and time, leading to cross fertilization of knowledge and ideas at a never-before pace.

Global leaders continue to strive for excellence to make their business resilient and adaptable in an environment where change is the only constant. They look at future global partnerships, through the prism of sustainability and gender diversity.

In this backdrop, LEADS 2022 - “Leadership for Future”, will see a confluence of global leaders, and opinion shapers across the spectrum of world economy. Over two days, they will share their vision on reimagining the world through the 5 pillars of LEADS:Leadership, Excellence, Adaptability, Diversity & Sustainability
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Day 1: Tuesday, 20 September 2022
 Inaugural Plenary: Leadership for Future
 Plenary 1: Excellence in Manufacturing
 Plenary 2: Food for All: From Farm to Fork
 Plenary 3: Clean & Green Globe
 Plenary 4: Future of Sustainable Mobility
 Plenary 5: Sustainable Travel & Tourism

Day 2: Wednesday, 21 September 2022
 Plenary 6: Future of Financing
 Plenary 7: Sustainable Innovation
 Plenary 8: Future Ready Global Supply Chains
 Plenary 9: Accessible Healthcare for All
 Plenary 10: Future of Digital World
 Plenary 11: Future of Policy Making

Do you wish to participate in LEADS LEADERSHIP LOUNGE during this Event
20th September, 2022 | Time: 1700 – 1900 hrs IST:

Registration Fees: Indian Delegate: INR 75,000 + Taxes (per person), Foreign Delegate: US $ 1,000 + Taxes (per person)

    • 20 CXOs of Fortune 500 Companies

    • Discussion on the Pillars of LEADS (Leadership, Excellence, Adaptability, Diversity & Sustainability)

    • Structured Exchange of views
    • Chatham House rules
    • 120 Min-Closed Door Session over Cocktails
    • Limited Seats
    • By invitation only

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